Legacy of a Madman

Plenty has been written about Sharon Osbourne and what a detestable witch she is; here’s a few more sentences: Sharon Osbourne is the Devil. She is a corruptor of careers, poisoning every artist and all the art that she touches, manipulating and distorting their histories and legacies, and can only be described as Evil. This petty, vengeful shrew has made heroes into villains, stolen glory from the gifted, and turned her own husband into a clown. The amount of damage to the world of Hard Rock and Metal that this woman has done is epic, and in my eyes makes her the musical equivalent of Hitler or Stalin.

Thanks for letting me get that out of the way. Anyone who wants further detail about the exploits of the most hated woman in music since Yoko Ono should read Bob Daisley’s excellent book ‘For Fact’s Sake’, which focuses in incredible detail on the years he worked with the Osbournes. For now, I’m going to try to focus my lens on just one single bit of debris left in Sharon’s wake: Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Diary of a Madman’ LP. An amazing, important album, this record turned the tables on the Ozzy vs. Sabbath debate and set His Ozzness on a course to superstardom. But within this single album and its convoluted history lies enough evidence of her withering touch to condemn her for all eternity. Read on.


After Ozzy was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979, he (or rather, his handlers) formed a band. Randy Rhoads, Lee Kerslake, Bob Daisley and Ozzy himself all felt that it was a true ‘band’, not a solo project, and they named the band ‘Blizzard of Ozz’. They agreed that having ‘Ozz’ in the band’s name was concession enough to their high-profile lead singer. Even their label, Jet Records, produced promo material using the band name ‘Blizzard of Ozz’. On the band’s debut album, however, the title and logos present the album title as ‘Blizzard of Ozz’, and the artist’s name as ‘Ozzy Osbourne’. (In some territories, the album was released without ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ on the cover at all.) Right out of the gate Ozzy was being represented as a solo act, thus diminishing the contributions of the other band members. For their follow-up album, ‘Diary of a Madman’, the name ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ is nowhere to be found.

Here’s were things get really ugly. Lee Kerslake and Bob Daisley were both fired from Ozzy’s band (by Sharon, not by Ozzy) soon after the recording sessions for ‘Diary’ were completed. The pair had done the unthinkable: question management. Months later, DoaM was released, with an inner sleeve that included a picture of Ozzy’s new ‘band,’ and what one would assume are performance credits, including ‘Rudy Sarzo – Bass’ and ‘Tommy Aldridge – Drums’. The script above the band pic is written in the Theban alphabet, and reads, ‘The Ozzy Osbourne Band’. Back in pre-internet 1981, it took a while for the truth to leak into the rock press, but eventually it was revealed that DoaM was recorded by the same line-up of musicians that recorded ‘Blizzard of Ozz’. Bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake are credited in the sleeve notes as songwriters, but not listed anywhere as contributing musicians… Johnny Cook, who played all of the keyboards on the album, is also uncredited.


(Side Note: Rudy Sarzo’s early career has always baffled me. He was in Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads before DoaM, which explains how he got the Oz gig… But while his picture is on the cover of the second QR album, and he is credited in the notes with playing bass on the record, he didn’t. So the first two records Sarzo’s discography credit him as the bass player and feature his picture in the album art, but neither record features his actual bass playing. So the basis of this guy’s considerable reputation is his being credited with the bass tracks on two albums that he had nothing to do with? Awesome.)

And thus began the epic legal battles undertaken by Daisley and Kerslake. I won’t go into them all here; but I will mention that in 1986, Daisley & Kerslake settled one suit filed against Don Arden, owner of Jet Records, for unpaid royalties and proper accreditation for his work on DoaM. Oh, and did I mention that Don Arden is Sharon Arden’s father; Sharon Arden managed Ozzy’s band, and would become Sharon Osbourne in 1982. This twisted triangle set the stage for the dirty dealings detailed in Daisley’s book. So: if you’re Ozzy Osbourne, your wife is you manager, and your father in-law holds your recording contract. Your manager and your label are screwing your band, and you yourself are screwing your manager. What do you do? Nothing, because you’re Ozzy Osbourne, clueless idiot.

The years rolled on, and, despite their settlement with Arden, Daisley & Kerslake never saw any performance royalties from The Blizzard’s first two albums. Daisley continued to collaborate with Ozzy as a bassist, lyricist and songwriter through 1991’s ‘No More Tears’ album, although the unpaid royalties and performance credit issues resulting from his work on DoaM remained unresolved. The first two Blizzard records were re-mastered and re-released in 1995, almost a decade after their settlement with Arden. With new versions of these now-classic albums were hitting the stores, Daisley & Kerslake beleived that they would finally see themselves properly credited for their contributions to both albums… Nope. The credits on these new versions read “Drums – Tommy Aldridge” and “Bass – Rudy Sarzo”. Still no money; still no credit. Arden’s settlement had been a complete sham. The lie that had been perpetuated for a decade had been re-told to a new generation of rock fans.


Refusing to give up the fight to be credited and paid for his work, Daisley responded with more legal action. The bassist eventually became such a fly in Sharon’s ointment that she famously had the Blizzard’s first 2 albums deleted, and in 2002, reissued them with Daisley and Kerslake’s performances erased and replaced with new tracks played by Rob Trujillo and Mike Bordin. Daisley and Kerslake would no longer be able to claim performance royalties on this new version of the album. This move might very well be viewed as the biggest ‘Fuck You’ in the history of rock music. The notes on the back of these CDs, unattributed to anyone specific, say that the new tracks give the albums ‘a fresh sound’… Bullshit. Both players copy every note played on the original records exactly. Great pains were taken to capture the same sounds as those on the original versions. Good job, guys.

(Side Note: Mike Bordin? Fine drummer. Rob Trujillo? Fine bassist. I do question, however, their professional ethics. I’m sure they made a pretty penny recording these tracks, but I’ve no doubt they were aware of exactly what they were contributing to: the bastardization of a classic album, and their aiding and abetting of Mrs. Ozz in the ultimate insult to a fellow musician. Shitty.)

Ozzy has said that he had nothing to do with this decision, that it was all Sharon; Sharon has said that it was solely Ozzy’s decision. Based on the Ozzy we watched on the TV show ‘The Osbournes’, the most challenging decision Ozzy was capable of making in 2002 was which cereal to eat for breakfast, so I’m thinking that the decision to replace those tracks was Sharon’s. Ultimately, after several years of sleepless nights, wracked by guilt, a deeply ashamed Sharon Osbourne finally had Daisley and Kerslake’s tracks restored to DoaM, just in time for the record’s 30th anniversary. We can be sure that her decision had nothing at all to do with the years of vociferous fan backlash, abysmal press and weak sales figures that resulted from her bogus 2002 version… Well, at least this version would be another chance to get the credits right and restore this classic album to its proper form and standing. Just Kidding!!!

The 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition of ‘Diary of a Madman’ includes no performance credits at all for the DoaM album which comprises Disc One, not even for Ozzy and Randy’s contributions. The 2nd disc, which features a live show from 1981, is properly accredited to Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge. These credits are placed in the CD booklet after the info for Disc Two, creating the impression that these four musicians were responsible for the music on both discs. Intentional? You betcha. It shouldn’t be a surprise at this point to learn that none of the pictures used to illustrate the booklet feature Daisley or Kerslake; in fact, in some instances, their likenesses have been awkwardly photoshopped out of some pics that are probably familiar to many fans.


The 30th Anniversary Boxed Set included both the ‘Blizzard’ and ‘Diary’ albums, and also came with a DVD called ‘Thirty Years After the Blizzard’. It purports to be a documentary on the making of the ‘Blizzard’ & ‘Diary’ albums, although, by avoiding any mention of Daisley and Kerslake, its presentation is skewed to say the least. It’s the Ozzy and Randy Show, and it paints a picture of two gifted musicians coming together and making magic. Ironic, because Ozzy himself has said that he had little input into these albums beyond contributing vocal melodies, as at the time of their recording, he was a complete mental and physical train wreck. While there is some classic RR footage to be found here, along with several touching moments featuring Ozzy reminiscing about working with Rhoads, leaving one half of the band/songwriters/performers (including the album’s primary lyricist) out of the picture does history a grave disservice.

‘Diary of a Madman’ has had 4 major releases on Compact Disc: 1987, 1995, 2002 & 2011. Only the bastardized 2002 version contains the proper performance accreditation. The casual fan would have no idea which version of this album they were buying from iTunes, because most mp3s don’t come with credits or liner notes attached. If you hear ‘I Don’t Know’ or Flying High Again’ on the radio today, do you know who you are listening to? DoaM has sold over three million copies since it’s release. Three million lies, told again and again, for over three decades. Don’t support Sharon Osbourne’s 30-year campaign of deceit. Find the vinyl version. The truth is out there.

The denial of credit to Daisley and Kerslake is nothing more than a game to this vicious, vengeful bitch, played for her own amusement at the expense of two excellent musicians and all fans of great music. And it’s a game she continues to play… The music world is currently watching this despicable cow destroying Black Sabbath from the inside out, by stabbing at its heart: drummer Bill Ward. There is ZERO doubt in my mind that this detestable hag is behind the curtain, pulling the strings to ensure that the original Sabbath will never play or record together ever again, because this time it was Ward who did the unthinkable: he asked to be fairly compensated for his contributions to one of the greatest bands of all time.


33 thoughts on “Legacy of a Madman

  1. Sharon screwed me too and many other. And ozzy is oblivious tout all. !! Bob was so important to all of Kizzy records he made withizzy he wrote lyrics melodies a great writer !!!

  2. Props to you Carmine Appice, along with Bob “Daisy” Daisley & Lee Kerslake. We all know she is Beelzebub with a bad dye job and too much plastic surgery, and probably would have tried to screw RR too, had he lived longer. C U Next Tuesday, Sharon! Ozzy, grow some bollocks.

  3. In 1982, I was 12 the first time I heard DoaM. My god it was sweet Music to my ears! I can remember asking myself why the band’s pic on the album would show us M. Sarzo and M. Aldridge while they weren’t playing on that masterpiece… Now I understand what a real piece of shit that woman can be…

  4. I was just about to single out Carmine Appice and his treatment on the Bark at the Moon album and tour. I think I would be safe in assuming that Jake E. Lee has similar stories to tell and his being “let go” from the employment of Ozzy as well.

    • Tommy Aldridge played on the Bark And The Moon album and tour. I saw two different shows on that tour and he was in the band at both shows. Daisley played bass both times also.

  5. For years, this confused me… who played what? Who wrote everything? I grew up listening to this classic, but it always seemed pretty convoluted as to who to thank for this bit of my life.
    I’m glad Daisley and Kerslake are finally getting heard and RECOGNIZED by the fans. I seriously hope they get paid… shit, I’ll start a fucking Kickstarter if I have to.

    Sharon needs a good public disgrace dumped on her.

  6. Like Father like Daughter, proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Bob Daisley’s book is the truth.

  7. You kinda lost me on your “clueless idiot” reference of Ozzy. Your piece is supposed to be about the evils of Sharon yet you are throwing Ozzy into the fire with her.
    While I agree that it kinda sucks that Bob, Lee, Jake, et al got shafted, I find it hard to fathom that it was by Ozzy’s direction. Ozzy is what put The Blizzard of Ozz on the map. His popularity as the frontman for Black Sabbath was on full display as legions of fans abandoned them and followed Ozzy. You can characterize Ozzy as a dolt all you want but it was his one of a kind voice that vaulted him into the top spot as the premiere hard rock / metal singer and you can’t take that away from him.

    • Whos song was he singing as he “vaulted into the top spot”? He didn’t get there alone. And i never stated that is was by his direction. Why all know who directed everything. Ozzy sat back and let it all happen.

    • Think the writer doesn’t want to discredit Ozzy in any other way than assuming he’s not aware of Sharon’s supposed malicious practices. Although I already find this remark too harsh to make, certainly since this is concluded from what he saw in the ‘reality’ series The Osbournes, and one doesn’t call a rock god ‘idiot’… But the writer doens’t want to say negative stuff about Ozzy as a singer or his career. He’s just idiot calling him an idiot.

      • I can call Ozzy an idiot if I think he’s an idiot, ‘Rock God’ or not. Just as you have the right to call me an idiot because you disagree with me. I didn’t ‘say negative stuff’ about Ozzy as a singer because I like his voice, and because his voice has nothing to do with how his wife screwed Daisley and Kerslake, nor does it have any bearing on his being an idiot.

  8. the Music business as a whole is full of Bullshit especially when it comes to Sharon, so many great musicians have been screwed royally, too many to count. we all know who made the real music. it is just a damn shame that such a thing could happen on the two albums that my hero Mr. Randy Rhodes is involved with. I hate anything that tarnishes his legacy. Sharon quit being such a bitch and give those guys their due rewards, after all if it wasn’t for musicians such as these you would not be able to go on your little shopping trips on Rodeo Drive. enough is fucking enough already.

  9. So much talent and so much conflict over money at the cost of the art. The 2002 recordings alterations are artistic blasphemy. I’m going to the Louve to repaint some areas of the Mona Lisa, excuse me. “Approaching a time that is classic, I hear maidens call. Approaching a time that is drastic, standing with their backs to the wall…”

  10. The “I’m Sharon Osbourne, I don’t have to answer to anyone, I can do whatever the fuck I want” attitude, wore thin many years ago. Her gift of milking the Osbourne name for all it’s worth, and shitting on anyone who get’s in the way of her mad quest, is gangsteresque, a word thrown on a regular basis towards Don ‘Corleone’ Arden. He would have been proud. Is she really so powerful that everyone is afraid to cross her, or upset her in any way, and is she going to keep being allowed to get away with these outrages?

  11. After reading this i now know why i don’ t like this wicked witch bitch. She has got her talons in and ozzy cannot get them out.

  12. Yoko Ono is a girl scout compared to Sharon. Norman Bates mother (or Jason Voorhees one for this matter) was a nun compared to Sharon.

    Such a a sociopathic, manipulating, tyrannic, egotistic person should be a textbook on psychological disorders and committed for sure.

  13. This is another example of the people in power of any industry can advance there agenda by walking over and turning on the ones that blood, sweat and tears of the people who did the work. I’m a big Ozzy fan because of the creative work on Blizzard and DoaM. Bark at the Moon is another example of Sharon’s back stabbing. Getting great artist like Jake E Lee and Carmine to make the album and then to undercut their contributions,

    • And your comment is another example of the misinformation and confusion this woman consistently leaves in her wake… Tommy Aldridge played drums on BatM.

  14. Look at the treatment dished out to Zak Wylde In recent years.
    Zak brought him back to metal legitimacy and then as they stampede through the world…Zak unceremoniously not called for that travesty of an album SCREAM.
    Go figure.

  15. It fills me with sadness that one of my all time favourite albums has been pulled apart by the wishes of Sharon! Once I understood what was going on, specially the fate of Bob and Lee I decided never to buy another “Ozzy” album,or for that matter any other form of Ozzy paraphernalia. I find the very same Sharon is behind the goings on with Black Sabbath,probably ending the recording abilities of The greatest metal band of all time! You have a great deal to answer for Sharon!

  16. I had an X wife like that. Made herself appear nice and be very sweet and kind to everyone. Than if she decided she didn’t want one of my old friends in my life, I was cut off. Eventually, I had no friends, no sex, no life. I cut free after 5 years. Get kids with a woman, you kinda stuck for a while at least. Meantime she rules and regulates your life. Glad I had no children with my X, would be a hell ride. God Bless Bob and Randy!

  17. This comment may get lost since I’m a little late but I only just stumbled on to your blog…. and I’m digging your posts quite a bit. A couple of things though:

    Has Rudy Sarzo played on any of the albums people assume he did. I mean Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake ….that I remember.

    And Sharon, yeah, what a fucking piece of work. After the stunt she pulled on Iron Maiden on the Ozzfest tour I couldn’t fucking believe that shit. The entire paying audience should have filed a lawsuit against her.

    One other thing about that Ozzfest tour featuring Sabbath/Priest. Around that time, Kelley Osbourne had a band and a friend of mine was living with the drummer in Kelleys band and how I got this information. Also around that time it had been reported that Ozzy was injured in an ATV accident when in reality Ozzy had a stroke. Sharon wash’t about to lose money so at the risk of Ozzy’s life she made up the ATV story and sent Ozzy out on the Ozzfest tour. Black Sabbath was so painful to watch on this tour that nearly broke out in tears. Ozzy could barely annunciate words because half of his face was still paralyzed and which included his vocal chords. I think the band had literally tuned down to B since Ozzy had so little range. The set was way limited and just so they could fulfill the contract for a 50 minute and they took forever between songs and played “Supertzar” over the PA twice. Rob Halford took over vocal duties on quite a few shows on that tour.

    I have to give props to my friend Matt who has a tattoo on his arm that reads “Bob Daisley” in the Blizzard Of Ozz font. He was getting an album autographed by Ozzy and said “Hey Sharon, do you like my tattoo?” and pulled up his sleeve.

  18. I too am coming in late. But I could have sworn I saw an interview with Carmine where he talked about playing on the album and getting fired afterwards because Sharon didn’t want to pay a fair rate for the tour, thus Tommy Aldridge gets another tour to support another album he didn’t play on like the first Whitesnake album. I saw Jake E Lee on That Metal Show with Eddie Trunk and the other guest was Rick Allen. When Sharon’ s name came up neither said hardly anything and literally looked both disgusted and scared to death at the same time. Still can’t figure out Jake’s firing. Probably not a popular opinion here, but as a guitar player Jake is twice the player of Zakk.

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