I’m Bob Mayo. Not the Bob Mayo who played with Peter Frampton.
I was in a heavy metal band called Wargasm from 1985 to 1995. We released 3 albums and 1 ep (all of which are now out-of-print), had a video on MTv, toured Europe 3 times and select parts of the US twice, and had a great time doing it. I’m the guy on the right, below.
I wrote 50 songs between June of ’06 to June of ’07. I chose the best 25 and recorded 2 albums under the fictitous band name Robot Monster Army. I played most of the guitars and bass, and several good friends supplied the drums, vocals, and additional guitars. Both albums are available on iTunes; here’s a link to the Bandcamp page:


Since Robot Monster Army isn’t a real band, here’s a picture of some robots and monsters.

Basically everything that I was into when I was 12 is just as important to me now as it was then: I’m a silver age Marvel Comics nerd; I’m a huge fan of the Toho Godzilla flicks; I like the James Bond novels better than the movies; I’m a hardcore Bruins fan. I grew up in suburban Boston, where I now reside with my wife and son. I’ve been called an opinionated bastard, and worse.

I like music and I like to write. I hope you like reading what I write about music. It’s as simple as that.

16 thoughts on “Who?

  1. So , hey man , I must admit I’m always the wiser for having read yer stuff … It’s great entertainment too though …. And it ALWAYS Leaves me w/ less faith in people , more jaded , kinda numb and … so I’m gonna read the first three years of motorhead now… L8ah

    • WOW!
      Bob, it’s an honor to hear from you and I’m so very gratified that you enjoyed my piece. I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed your work through the decades and KEEPING FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!!
      -Bob Mayo

  2. I bought and read ‘For Fact’s Sake’, and I highly recommend it to any fan of rock. Great article here including those same facts Bob Daisley put into print. It’s such a shame these masterful albums are mired in Sharon’s bullshit, and the true artists aren’t credited for their work. Clearly their blood, sweat, and tears went into the albums, why the hell not give them proper credit?! Yes, I do know the answer to that..greed. It’s sickening. Childish. She has more money than her children’s children can spend. Set the record straight, Sharon! Thanks Bob Mayo for keeping the truth before our eyes.

  3. Great stuff! Read them all, I must have more! Why aren’t you writing for some international mag!? Thx a lot – r.

    • You have to have a premium account for that stuff. I don’t have one, and probably never will. I HATE the way they list my entries by month and not by title… But thank you for letting me know you’re reading and I’m glad you enjoy it!!

  4. Hi Bob,
    just stumbled over your site and I must say that I enjoyed each and every column you wrote , even if I disagree here and there but I guess that´s normal when Hard Rock / Metal nerds discuss the details of the details. …
    Exquisite taste coupled with excellent research and a good sense of humor.
    Hope you carry on!
    Best regards from Germany

  5. hi mate, I really enjoy your blog, it actually inspired me in part to start my own zine and I would love to send you a copy of the first issue and here any feedback you might have – send me a message with your address 🙂

  6. Hi Bob,

    “Year of the Gatefold” is just another great read! THX! But there´s another album I can think of where the final track fades out, namely Rory Gallagher´s “Stage Struck” where the frantic “Shadow Play” is not on the record in its entirety. Shame! Never worked out why they did it. Feels like a coitus interruptus.

    Best regards


  7. Thanks for the great article about rock critics and their overwhelming distaste for Black Sabbath. Having been a fan since the late 70s, I remember The lack of respect and even disdain for the band even in music circles. I have a theory about music critics being nothing more than frustrated petty journalists, and that’s all you can expect from them. They probably had bad high school experiences from the rocker ilk and they don’t understand music that isn’t driven by a lyrical narrative that they understand, thus their crush in general on existential singer-songwriter types. But long haired dudes with big riffs? Forget about it. Even after some very positive reviews by the mid-70s that you cite they got right back on the s*** list with the original lineups last two albums Technical Ecstacy and Never Say Die. I’m a big fan of those albums, though they were a departure from what most expected from Sabbath, and alienated even most unadventurous Hard Rock Fans. The Journalistic story that everyone seems to follow is that they were band that had run out of steam and ideas by that time yet they are their most stylistically diverse albums. I think they are both fantastic albums in their own right, they were just in a no-win situation in terms of the press and pop culture in general. Anyways a very insightful article! Thanks for putting that out there.

    Jeff D

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